Pleats please me! dress

This pleated dress was made from a maternity dress and a gathered/layered skirt, both size 12 (as seen in the photos above).

This design was based on my earlier paper pleating experiment.

The dress is made up of multiple pleated lace layers on top of multiple gathered layers. The top half spirals around the body, in a shell-like way. The design features aspects of my Metamorphosis theme, such as, internal structures, multiple layers, adjustable waist (via a shirred panel), allowing for natural growth (thereby extending the life of the garment), also the outer lace layer can be likened to an ‘epidermal’ layer (as in organic structures) with its semi-transparent properties.

The design doesn’t resemble the paper pleating experiment as much as I would have like, but this was mainly due to there not being enough of the pleated lace to mirror the pleat suppression of the original paper design. So, this is an adapted version of the original that has a different silhouette.


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