Zero waste, no cut skirt sample

From the previous zero waste, no cut experiments I did in November, I chose to make up this skirt design as a sample garment.

I think the bustle at the back, and gathering around the skirt worked well and gave the skirt a great shape.  This ruching was created by turning the sleeves inside the skirt and anchoring the shirt to the sleeves in various random places. I was, however, disappointed with the centre front. I was so determined not to cut anything off the original shirts, and this meant that the button stand on the centre front doesn’t sit flat.

If I was to make this again I would take more off the shirt (at the skirt waist) to ensure the skirt sits flat down the centre front.

Woven – An exhibition exploring the concept of ‘woven’

In mid-November I went to a Woven exhibition curated for the ‘Year of Making’ by TokyoJo.

The exhibition brief was quite open, giving artists the chance to explore the more traditional aspects of woven and a more conceptual view, therefore exploring the woven theme in a much broader setting.

Exhibited work featured woven, knitted, sewn, embroidered, printed, etched, found objects (such as jewellery) and millinery.

The exhibition fused traditional and modern techniques. It was broad, interesting and inspiring to see a great mixture of Sheffield artists and their interpretation of the theme of woven.