Halter-Nate Shirty-Skirty – top and skirt


This skirt and top was made from two men’s shirts (size S), the skirt lining from a pleated maternity dress (size 12) and the top will be lined with material from a cotton wrap-over dress (size 12) (as seen in the photos above).

NOTE: The top lining has not yet been added, but the fabric has been set aside for it, to add at a later date.



The main body of both the skirt and top is just two men’s long-sleeved shirts. The design has quite random pleating, to have a very natural drape.

The top features angled pockets (created by folding up the shirt. This is a nice little hidden feature that could go unnoticed by everyone except the wearer – perfect.

The pleated godet’s, on the skirt, and the bustle, on the top, are adjustable, making this a garment that the wearer can subtly transform.


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