Zero-cut bustle skirt and upside-down-back-to-front top

The Zero-cut bustle skirt was made from three men’s shirts, and the Upside-down-back-to-front top was made from one shirt (all size S), as seen above.

For the skirt, the three men’s shirts were buttoned together and turned upside down, then pleated on to a thick ribbon waistband. The ruching was created by turning the sleeves inside the skirt and anchoring the shirt to the sleeves in random places with small bar tacks.

The final shirt was draped on the stand, upside-down and back-to-front. The top has very simple design detail: a slight tapering at the shoulders (with the excess fabric top-stitched down), two front waist darts and bias-bound armholes.

I think the cowl neckline of the top balances out very well against the bustle on the back of the skirt. I also like the contrast of these two garments; the top’s simplicity and minimal construction versus the multiple pleated and ruched layers of the skirt.


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