Recycled collection theme and title: Metamorphosis


I chose the word ‘METAMORPHOSIS’ for my experimental recycled collection because it perfectly sums up and captures what I want to create – transforming a garment(s) from one form in to a new form.

Meta = “change”         morph = “form”

“A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.”
– Oxford English Dictionary definition

Metamorphosis makes me think of:

  • Casting off an outer shell.
  • Something developing inside (tied in with hidden features, hidden treasures).
  • Transforming into something new, to take on a new form.
  • Evolving or mutating into something else.

Ideas and themes for my collection

  • Utilise zero/minimal waste cut using recycled garments – the only new materials will be linings, fastenings, etc.
  • Giving something a second life to a garment – regenerating and transforming old garments in to something new and unique.
  • Hidden treasures – incorporate hidden details in the garments, such as internal pleating or panels to give a supporting structure to the frame, whereby it’s only for the owner that knows it exists. There could also be hidden panels or features.
  • Experimentation – Explore what is possible through creative cut and see what ideas I come up with to reflect my theme and title.

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