Experiments with Ciment pleated paper – Design 2

This second experiment involved pleating the bodice in place first, suppressing the pleats at the waist and under the bust, but allowing the pleats to naturally expand outwards at the top of the dress. This bodice would need a built-in corset or panel to cover the bust, where the pleats expand out. The full underskirt was pleated off the stand to the waist measurement, then attached over the bodice. The final peplum layer was pleated directly on to the waist, allowing the pleats to fall naturally.

I think this design had an elegant 1950s look to it, and I like the way that the suppressed pleating really pulled the shape in. However, this wasn’t a particularly interesting or innovative design. This was a good experiment, none-the-less, because it was a fast approach to stand draping. It was also an interesting way of using evenly cut, pleated panels but manipulating and controlling the pleating to mould a design to the body.

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