Denim experiments with minimal cut and zero waste – Design 1 TOP

For these experiment, I wanted to create designs on the stand using minimal cut. So the first design has one cut, the second design two cuts and the third design three cuts. These ideas also adhere to zero waste. I worked with one pair of Levis.

This top design was created by making one cut on the original pair of jeans (on the inside leg from the right leg all the way round to the left leg). The jean hem formed the neckline, with the excess had large tucks at the back, and the centre back jean seams was pinned outwards (like a spine). This was an accidental H R Giger style at the back.

This would be a very ill-fitting armhole, and quite bulky in places, so it wouldn’t work as a design. I did really like what was happening at the back of this top though and thought that it created a very interesting structure.

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